Updating Your Golf Club Website

Updating Your Website
iPhoneKeeping the website up-to-date

The Golf Working Content Management System is designed specifically with Golf Clubs in mind.
It provides a simple and effective solution to manage golf related content, such as News/Blog, Results, Events Calendar, Social Events and Opens in addition to general page content.

You can securely update your website from anywhere in the world with internet access.






Manage Events date

See all the events currently in the system.

To amend an event or add a result to it, just click on the event’s name and update the details.



The screen shot below shows extra fields become available when adding an open competition




Adding New Events date

It’s quick and simple to add a new event, just click ‘Add New Event’ and enter the event’s Name and Date. The event will then be automatically added to the Fixtures page, in chronological order.

Events can also have types assigned to them, for example Mens, Society, Open, Social etc. By assigning a type, such as Open to an event, that event will then be automatically listed in the Opens page of the website. This also allows the various sections of your membership, such as the seniors, to quickly access the information particular to them




News / Blog blog

Keep members and visitors up-to-date with a simple to use blog. PDFs as well as images can be uploaded and attached to new items. Blog posts can be archived into categories, such as General, Members Only, Captain’s Blog, Teams News etc.




Pages  pages

Make amends to existing page content as you would using Microsoft Word.



Members Details



Members  members

Integrates with your current club software so that when a member tries to log in to the website, they are recognised as a member.

Send HTML Email to your membership in one simple process.



New 'Reminders' Tab added specifally for the Golf Club




HTML Emails mail

Send HTML emails to all members within the system.

Store Enquires data base

When a Society or potential new member enquires, their email address can be stored in the database. A HTML email can then be sent to all stored contacts.

Media - Upload new content picture

Upload pictures for news pages, members pages, HTML Emails etc.

Upload PDFs for adding to events, results and news pages etc.






Bespoke CMS

The CMS is modular, allowing new features to be added. For example, Broadway Golf Club required ‘Reminders’ on the Home Page. This simple feature was built into the CMS especially for them, as shown left.

Also shown here is how information can be pulled from the CMS to automatically keep the home page up-to-date with the latest news item and upcoming events.