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Even with the best course management and green keeping, it is near impossible to account for every eventuality that may affect the appearance of your golf course on the day of a photoshoot. Photo retouching is therefore a vital step to ensure your golf course is presented at it's very best.


Example One - Bunker Close-up

Not every inch of your golf course can be totally immaculate on the day of a photo-shoot.
Photo-retouching allows you to present your golf course in 100% pristine condition.

bunker before




Example TWO - on course distractions

Removal of unnecessary distractions in a picture will help it look more visually appealing.
The example below is an extreme case, however no unneeded details should be left to interfere with your course natural beauty.

distract before




Example THREE - Clear up

Fairways, Tees and Greens can have all manner of imperfections.
Divots or leaves are always removed as this example demonstrates.

fairway before







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